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Rights and responsibilities

Droits et responsabilités

Bill of Rights and Responsibilities: 

The Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities is based on the principles ArabicMeeting.com and governs our relationship with members and those who interact with ArabicMeeting.com. ArabicMeeting.com your use of or access to ArabicMeeting.com indicates your acceptance of this statement. 

1Privacy Policy 

Respect for your privacy at heart. Our rules of respect for privacy has been established to inform you of the data we collect and use that we make. We encourage you to read the terms of the settlement of respect for privacy and use the information it contains to make an informed decision. 

2. Sharing your content and your information 

The content and information that you publish on ArabicMeeting.com you belong, and you can control how we share your content with the privacy settings under 'Profile'. 

1. For content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photos or videos you specifically give us permission following in accordance with your privacy settings: You grant us a nonexclusive license to use such intellectual property content that you post ArabicMeeting.com on or in relation to ArabicMeeting.com. This IP license terminates when you remove your content or intellectual property of your account unless your account is shared with other people who have not deleted. 

2. When you do post content or information with the parameter "Target", it means that everyone, including people who are not members of ArabicMeeting.com may have access to content or information published and you can therefore can not control what they do. You can change your settings at any time. The sharing can be done only between friends, between members of ArabicMeeting. Com or public. 

3. We appreciate your comments and suggestions on ArabicMeeting.com 

3. Security

 We do everything we can to make sure ArabicMeeting.com service, but can not guarantee absolute safety. To do this we need your help, which includes the following obligations: 

1. You will not send and does not publish commercial communications without authorization (as spam) on ArabicMeeting.com. 

2. You will not get information about members or content they publish and do not access ArabicMeeting.com using automated methods (such as robots, spiders, etc..) Without our permission. 

3. You do not make any marketing or other activities on ArabicMeeting.com pyramid style. 

4. You will not upload viruses or other malicious code. 

5. You do not ask login information and do not access to an account belonging to someone else. 

6. You intimidate and n'harcèlerez no other members. 

7. You do not publish content hateful, pornographic or contain nudity or violence. 

8. You will not use ArabicMeeting.com purposes of illegal activity, illegal, malicious or discriminatory. 

9. You will not act in a manner that could disable or otherwise impede the smooth functioning of the Service ArabicMeeting.com. 

10. You will not allow and will not encourage violations of this declaration. 

11. You follow the laws of your country and international laws. You are solely responsible for the content that you post. 

12. Do not post any photos or videos of another person without their consent. 

4. Registration and Account Security 

Members of ArabicMeeting.com give their real name and real information about them, and we ask you to help ensure that this does not change. Here are some terms that you agree to comply with registration and security of your account: 

1. You do not provide false personal information on ArabicMeeting.com and does not create an account for another person without their permission. 

2. You will not use your personal profile for commercial use. 

3. You will not use ArabicMeeting.com if you are under 18 years. 

4. You put your contact information accurate, updated. 

5. You shall not disclose your password, you will not allow anyone else to use your account and make sure not to risk compromising the security of your account. 

6. If you select a username for your account, we reserve the right to withdraw if we deem inappropriate. 

5. Protecting the rights of others 

We respect the rights of others and we ask you to do the same thing. 

1. You do not publish content and you will not take anything on ArabicMeeting.com which could violate the rights of others or otherwise violate the law. 

2. We can remove content or information you publish on ArabicMeeting.com if we believe it is in violation of this Declaration. 

3. We provide tools to help you protect your intellectual property rights. 

4. If we remove your content because of an infringement of copyright of a third party and you think it is a mistake, we also provide the means to appeal. 

5. If you violate the intellectual property rights of third parties on several occasions, we may delete your account. 6. You will not use our trademarks (such as ArabicMeeting.com, the ArabicMeeting.com logo and AM) or any similar mark that may be confusing without our written permission. 

7. If you get information from users: you get their agreement and you will make it clear that it is you (and not ArabicMeeting.com) to collect this information, and you publish your policy to respect the privacy indicating the information collected and the use made of them. 

8. You do not publish official documents or financial information on ArabicMeeting.com others. We also note that the services offered by ArabicMeeting.com are 100% free.

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